16 June 2010

Outfit + Diner @ Parkheuvel

Last week my brother and I went to one of the best restaurants in town.
Restaurant Parkheuvel is highly regarded and has two Michelin stars.
The food and service were amazing!
We also had the opportunity to take a look in the kitchen and talk with the chef cook!


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Don't mind the bad quality of the pictures, we were in a hurry!

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Blazer // H&M
Skinny trousers // ONLY
Heels // ZARA
Bag // Ebay
Watch // D&G


Parkheuvel, heb ik ook een keer gegeten toen ik nog in Rotterdam woonde! Hoe vond je het? Mooie outfit trouwens!! die top staat je prachtig!! maak je snel foto's van je ring?? ben benieuwd!!! haha xx
Je ziet er mooi uit! En ziet er luxe uit daar zeg, lijkt me echt heel lekker eten :D.
Staat je goed dit zeg! Leuk outfit!
I like your bag :) Nice blog!

The Yoko Factor
Love the peach blouse, looks great on your tan !

Bedankt voor je lieve reactie. Ik vind jou blog ook leuk, ik volg je sinds een paar dagen terug, toen ik hem ontdekte. Ik ga pas tegen een uur of 3 in de H&M kunnen zijn, dus ik hoop dat er dan nog zo'n jumpsuit in mijn maat hangt. Normaal gezien zal dat wel, er is maar amper reclame over gemaakt en niemand van de andere bloggers had hem al gezien. Ik wil hem echt :)!
Thank you for the nice comment in my blog.. Follow me!! I'm following you!!!


Kiss Kiss
OMG Im in love with your blog,your style everything!!!!
I definitly follow yoy!!!!
thank you so much for your lovely comment my dear!!!
you ROCK!!

I love that outfit.
Cute blog.
Gorgeous outfit!! I really love your top.
prachtige tas!
en om even terug te komen op de vraag over yves rocher: die actie geldt nog steeds. en die aftersun ruikt súper ja, daarom bestel ik m ieder jaar weer [a]
Hi there! You look stunning hun! Great outfit & amazing bag :) Needless to say that the restaurant looks incredible!
Tonia xx
You're adorable!! I love your top!

The top is FABULOUS!! Love, love!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!! xo- karrie
nice blog - I love it! your bag is very cute
Thank you for visiting the blog, I'm following
big kiss
Geovana Arruda
Very cute outfit & I love your studded purse!!
thanks for stoping by my blog! I like yours, Im following on bloglovin! You should follow me on bloglovin & twitter @ryleyyy


XO Ryley
aaahh that pink coral dress/tunic is just stunning!! you look so classy!! :D

Animated Confessions
love the top!
and that bag!
I am looking for something exactly like that!
Hi!! Your look is amazing!! I love your bag! Thanks for your comment in my blog. Kisses from México, follow you. Mua!
geweldige tas !!

groetjes Mar.
I have the same top in Navy Blue! I bought it at TOPSHOP in London! I'm from South Africa, and we dont have TOPSHOP here, so sad ;-(
I love your babydoll style. Very girly, the photo are nice, and you are really pretty.
I love the colour of your top! And that sounds amazing - I love going out to fancy restaurants like that!
Ik ben echt verliefd op deze look, hihi! Prachtig mooie meid ben je trouwens!

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