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Detail Glory 508, China SUV Competitor CR-V

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The name Sokon Glory 580 is still foreign to the ears of most consumers in Indonesia. Sport utility vehicle (SUV) from China is ready to be produced and sold in Indonesia by PT Sokonindo Automobile, a business branch of Dongfeng Sokon Motor (DFSK) from China.

This model was first exhibited, namely in GIIAS 2017. Today, Tuesday (28/11/2017), Sokonindo Automobile, inaugurated the mass assembly site, in Cikande, Serang, Banten. SUV was also many displayed in the arena factory.

KompasOtomotif managed to see firsthand the 7-passenger SUV form at the factory site. This time is the right wheel, different from that on display in GIIAS in August 2017, still mounted left steering wheel.Detail Glory 508

When viewing the data specifications written in the brochure, the choice of engine from China SUV is available two, namely 1.5-liter and 1; 8-liter. Transmission also has manual 5 and 6-acceleration, and CVT.

SFG18 engine type for the 1.8 L Natural Aspiration, and SFG15T specially 1.5 L turbocharged option. The 1.8-liter race heart is claimed to be capable of producing 139 ps with 187 Nm of torque, and 1.5-liter 150 ps along with 220 Nm of torque.

Honda CR-V also has a 1.5L turbo engine variant, but the amount of power produced is much different, that is 190 ps and torque of 240 Nm. Also read:

Looking at the dimensions, Glory 580 has a length of 4660 mm, width 1845 mm, and height 1715 mm. Approximately more like the latest generation CR-V which has a length of 4.584 mm, width of 1.855 mm, and height of 1699 mm.

Next on the suspension, the front using McPherson Independent, behind the Torsion Beam. Front and rear braking systems are disc brakes, and have a 225/60 R17 tire profile.


Regarding the banderol, some time ago Marketing General Manager of Sokonindo Automobile Du Xian Jun, once said to be in the range of $ 21k.

If it is true that price, it will compete with rivals in the segment of low-sport utility vehicle (LSUV). The official price in the class starts from $ 18k to $ 23k. However, when compared with the CR-V quite far because the SUV Honda was sold $ 31k (1.5L turbo) and $ 37k (2.4L) Also visit:

The Hope of Future Truck 2015

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The future truck 2015 is still become an inquiry for everyone. Many brands have promised some new features and wonderful things about the new model that they will release but actually, the news is still a mystery and do not reveal any clues that will make the lovers of truck feel satisfied. For this reason, it is better for use to mention some hopes that will come in the new 2015 future truck so the brands that produce truck can get some inspiration or additional features n the truck that coming ahead.

As we know, that recent truck has come with many features, but it will be better if there are some additional features that will make the future truck 2015 get more awesome. The truck should have a great navigation system which not only works in town, but in every place. It seems to be done by adding some strong satellite features in the truck as we know that truck is frequently used for driving in the open nature and the trail and track will be far from town which has so many accesses for maintaining the GPS or navigation system to work well.future truck 2017

The future truck 2015 should come with a great engine. Not only the engine which has been provided in this time for truck, but also engine which is newly invented should be equipped in the truck. If there is no new engine, at least, there are some additional innovations in the engine so it will cost less fuel or producing more horsepower than the last engine. The transmission also needs to be created in great model of transmission which enables easy gear shifting and smooth driving.

The truck 2015 of future comes with many changes and redesigning in the appearance so the truck will look more attractive. We know that the truck in these days commonly has a dull appearance and does not make someone attracted except from its utility. The future truck 2015 should be a new innovation in the truck world. also read: 2017 toyota tundra trd