Add the KitKat Easter Egg to Your Android 2.3+ ROM

By February 16, 2018 Gadget No Comments

Whereas these aren’t very the essential aspect a couple of ROM, Easter Eggs are very fairly about a selection in one Android. In March, persons defined adding the Jelly Bean Easter Ovum to a Gingerbread or ICS ROM. And then 1-month later, users comprised relatively tad regarding the advancement in Easter-eggs employed in Android. In reality as a result of a straightforward post to XDA Increase Companion MuSaddiq, anyone can add KitKat’s Easter Egg and energy to their own Droid 2.3+ ROM. Android kitkat 2014

As a way to include this specific Easter Egg, you are consulting need to initially get the framework.jar document from the ROM. Afterward you decompile these Package record and also change some smali by way of password made available from Musaddiq. Then, you have to recompile framework.jar, stress this specific again the unit together with the appropriate consents, and install a unique software with an Easter Egg called by the smali principle. From then on, merely publish that the unit improvements so sink your Android edition quantity like one’s life counted on any of it. also visit:

Plainly putting a KitKat Easter Ovum on your non-KitKat ROM won’t magically present this almost any extra characteristics. Nonetheless, it’s nonetheless cold for your appearance factory, particularly when the device lacks a regular driver-capable KitKat ROM. Produce the right path over to a consultant relationship to acquire began. read: kode telp