Monochrome Home Design

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Monochrome colors are white, black, grey and other neutral colors. The main character and the easiest way to know the identity of monochrome is there must be white and black colors. Few years ago the use of monochrome in a home design very popular. Even until now, some are still use the monochrome color for the home design. For your information, the use of monochrome home design is durable than other. Both colors are never goes along the time. Below are some examples of monochrome home design

monochrome home design

Monochrome home design in a living room. The picture above use the monochrome home design, while the white color is the dominant one. But the black color still can balance the white color. Without so much decorations and ornaments, the monochrome home design looks great. In that picture there is also some plants to make the room looks live. And the floor is wood floor so the room is not look rigid.

Monochrome home design in a living room

The second example shows there is no dominate color. The black and white color are gives the same capacity. The thing that you have to remembering monochrome home design is should not use pure white and black. You should use the natural things such as plants or wood touch. The example above about the kitchen and dining room. One tip from that example is better to use the monochrome home design in open space room.

the monochrome home design in open space room

The third monochrome home design is for the study room. The design is dominated with white color, but because the black color is strong so the white color is not look rigid. The wall, floating rack, chair and some decorations are pure in white.

mini plants as the decorations

But see the black color still give the indentation. There are also mini plants as the decorations and to balance the color.